The rural world comes together to work on the economy for the common good

The Associació Catalana per al Foment de l’Economia del Bé Comú (ACFEBC), in collaboration with the Consorci Leader de Desenvolupament Rural del Camp, organized the event “Putting the Economy for the Common Good at the Service of the Rural World.” This initiative emerged in response to current challenges facing rural areas, including the risk of depopulation and the importance of fostering cooperative awareness. It presented itself as a transformative force for the rural areas of Camp de Tarragona (Catalonia), with the ambition to expand its proposal regionally.

The event featured a two-part program. The first conceptual block focused on summarizing the principles of the Economy for the Common Good movement. In the second block, a panel of experiences illustrated cases from the Valencian Community, showcasing years of participatory development of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs in various municipalities; the participatory process in creating the Common Good Balance in Santa Coloma de Queralt, the first Catalan municipality embracing the Common Good; and the commitment to Common Good values by Aprodisca, a social entity in Camp de Tarragona specializing in eco-social services for people with disabilities.

The transformation of rural areas into “wise territories”

The session continued with a roundtable discussion titled “Advancing Together Towards an Economy for the Common Good in the Rural World.” The concept of “wise territories” was introduced, representing sustainable and regenerative local communities achieving food, energy, and economic sovereignty. This concept is already being implemented in various areas of Catalonia, demonstrating the success of a collaborative proposal among different stakeholders contributing to regional development.

The event concluded with a group dynamic where participants proposed potential paths to raise awareness in rural areas, facilitating the integration of good practices and values of the Economy for the Common Good among local stakeholders.

Watch a summary of the day’s events.

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