What is the Economy for the Common Good?

ECG is an economic model, which makes the Common Good, a good life for everyone on a healthy planet, its primary goal and purpose.

At the heart of this concept lies the idea that values-driven businesses are mindful of and committed to:

  • Human Dignity
  • Solidarity and Social Justice
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Transparency and Co-Determination

Such businesses gain a competitive advantage in this new economy.

How does ECG change our economy?

  • Long-lasting, sustainable products are gaining acceptance

  • More added value remains in the region

  • Good and meaningful jobs are created

  • Business interactions become more human again

  • Potential for meaningful environmental and climate policy

How does ECG work?

1. Businesses produce a Common Good Balance Sheet

Using the Common Good Matrix, results show a company’s contribution to the Common Good. It becomes clear how fair, sustainable and transparent they are.

2. Products receive an ECG label with the Common Good score

This allows customers to make truly informed decisions about the products and services they buy and consume.

3. Economic policies provide ECG businesses with advantages

Through taxation and incentives, ECG businesses become price competitive and are more successfull in the market.

Common Good Matrix

What if the Common Good was the Goal of the Economy?