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Press Releases

2023 –  September 28 | Latin America welcomes Christian Felber: ECG tour 2023

2023 –  June 11 | CSDDD: A first step in the right direction but it could be easier

2023 –  May 15 | Beyond Growth 2023 Conference

2023 – April 13 | Purpose first! Economy for the Common Good launches tool for better company founding

2023 – February 09 | Excluding the financial sector and sustainability incentives for managers from the CS3D undermines the Green Deal

2022 – November 25 | COP27 proves: The patient is diagnosed with instruments from the last century

2022 – November 11 | COP 27 “We must ask the system question.”

2022 – September 7 | For an economy of the Common Good

2022 – July 18 | Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems: The Economy of the Future

2022 – May 23 | EU´s Corporate Sustainability Directive risks to miss out on impact the planet needs

2022 – March 4 | ECGIC 2022: Connecting Sustainability Organizational Models with Sustainability Development Goals

2022 – February 24 | The European Commission falls short of delivering an ambitious and forward-looking due diligence proposal

2022 – February 11 | Economy for the Common Good: one solution for financial and environmental challenges in Latin America

2022 – February 2 | Economy for the Common Good joins EFRAG to contribute to European Sustainability Reporting

2021 – November 17 | Statement of the International Federation for the ECG on the Covid discussion

2021 – October 26 | Common Good Product Now

2021 – September 29 | Responsible business community calls for stronger EU reporting rules

2021 – June 23 | Economy for the Common Good is Spreading to Latin America

2021 – April 21 | Only one out of 500 companies will have to report on non-financial impact, under new EU rules

2020 – June 18 | Towards a post-Covid economy for the Common Good

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About the Economy for the Common Good

The Economy for the Common Good advocates a more ethical economic model, in which the wellbeing of people and the environment become the ultimate goal of business. The worldwide movement exists since 2010 and is based on the ideas of the Austrian publisher Christian Felber. Currently the movement consists of over 11,000 supporters, more than 4,800 activists in more than 155 local chapters, 30 associations. Close to 600 businesses and organizations have completed the Common Good Balance Sheet. Worldwide nearly 40 municipalities and 200 universities are actively involved in spreading the idea of the Economy for the Common Good. In 2018 the International Federation was founded and consists of 10 national associations. (05/2021)