The ECOnGOOD Label is the new sustainability seal that considers social, ethical and environmental factors.

This groundbreaking initiative goes far beyond current alternatives to prove that it IS possible to assess the real impact of management, operations and supply chains, to encourage and support fair and responsible business practices and empower funders and customers to make informed decisions aligned with their needs and values.

Applying values to economics

How does it benefit…


  • Gain credibility by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

  • High-visibility tool for marketing, advertising, and communications.

  • Advantages over less ethical market participants and a channel for open dialogue with stakeholders.

  • Encourages responsible practices, leading to cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Development of a fair and sustainable business model, aligning with evolving customer expectations.


  • Allows informed choices aligned with values and sustainability goals.

  • Promotes transparency and trust through the assurance of ethical and sustainable practices.

  • Reduces social and environmental impact through the support of sustainable and ethical products and services.

  • Personal well-being through healthier and socially responsible products and services.

  • Purchasing decisions drive positive social and environmental changes.


  • Reliable tool to evaluate and incentivize businesses that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Promotes sustainability practices across industries, contributing to sustainability goals.

  • Collaboration between governments, businesses, and customers to address pressing environmental and social challenges.

  • Encourages businesses to adopt ethical and sustainable practices voluntarily, reducing the need for stricter regulations.

  • Facilitates a level playing field by setting clear standards and criteria for sustainable and ethical practices.

Label criteria

The company must be a member of an ECOnGOOD national Association.


The company must have scored a positive result in the Common Good Balance Sheet.

The company must have a currently valid ECOnGOOD audit report. This certificate lasts for two years after its completion.


The company and the valid results must be registered in the ECOnGOOD’s Audit Database, from where it will be readily available through a QR Code.

Any more questions?

The ECOnGOOD Label is a tool designed to identify, reward and promote fair and sustainable business models through the consideration of social responsibility, ethical and environmental factors. It helps differentiate organisations by recognizing their commitment and increasing exposure, motivation, awareness, and transparency.

The ECOnGOOD Label consists of a combination of text, image and QR code that allows customers to easily identify ECOnGOOD products and services and make an informed purchasing decision.

The label will be available to all ECOnGOOD organizations that meet the criteria, regardless of their location.

The Label is awarded to ECOnGOOD companies at the completion of the audit, along with the certificate. A QR code on the label provides full transparency and displays their Balance Sheet information.

The Audit Database tool is currently fully functional in German and English. Italian and Spanish translations are being finalized.