About ECG

Vision and Values

ECG contributes to a culture of good living in a peaceful and sustainable civilization.

Our Network

ECG works together with numerous initiatives on economic justice, climate justice, equal rights and more.

Theory behind ECG

ECG is a comprehensive economic model, which emerges out of a holistic worldview and is based on grassroots democracy.

Measuring Impact

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  • The Common Good Matrix consists of 20 themes, which provide guidance for evaluating an organization’s contribution to people and planet. It is a comprehensive tool to consider all dimensions of ethical behavior.

  • The Common Good Balance Sheet is based on the Matrix and brings it to life. Companies, municipalities and other organizations can draw up a Balance Sheet to describe their own contribution.

  • The Balance Sheet and Matrix are founded on the universal values of human dignity, solidarity, social justice, sustainability, co-determination and transparency.



For 10 years, we have been prototyping and piloting new economic approaches around the world, which make the Common Good the primary goal and purpose of economic and educational activities. Our publication shows 10 international prototypes that illustrate how transformative change can happen on different levels:

  1. A Common Good company
  2. A Common Good bank account
  3. A Common Good municipal administration
  4. A Common Good public company assessment
  5. A Common Good region
  6. A Common Good promoting law
  7. A Common Good index and product
  8. A Common Good university chair
  9. A Common Good study programme
  10. A Common Good applied course


Political Impact and Initiatives

The principles of ECG are being adopted in cities and regional governments across Europe. Find out more here about ECG’s impact and various political initiatives dedicated to the Common Good.

SDGs and ECG

The Common Good Balance Sheet serves as an essential strategic and business management tool to help businesses reach the goals set out by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Democratic Assemblies

Democratic Assemblies  and “Sovereign Democracy” are the twin sisters of the ECG. It looks at a more effective and participatory way of reaching political decisions on fundamental issues such as the economic system, monetary policy and the financial system or global trade.