A new approach

The ECOnGOOD Conference and Delegates Assembly 2024 was a resounding success, delivering a wealth of insights, inspiration, and actionable ideas over its three-day run. With a focus on promoting the Economy for the Common Good (ECG), the online event brought together over 150 diverse participants from 14 countries, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

This year’s conference was a marked departure from previous years. The focus shifted away from governance and reporting to interactive exchange and networking. Dedicated volunteers and staff shared experiences, challenges and success stories. Although the Delegates still voted on proposals, it was less about the mechanics of voting and more about sharing and celebrating our collective achievements and learning.

Unfolding the Days: Thematic Discussions and Interactions

The conference was organized around daily themes, each focusing on a different aspect of the Economy for the Common Good. The first day was devoted to the application of ECOnGOOD in municipalities, showcasing practical examples and success stories. The second day centered around the role of ECG in sustainability reporting  for companies and organizations, providing participants with valuable insights from experts and the confirmation that ECG goes beyond mere reporting. The final day was dedicated to networking and interactive discussions, offering participants the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and discuss the future of the movement.

Day 1 featured a keynote speech by Christian Felber and several panel discussions, with a special highlight on the role of municipalities in the ECG Movement. Dr. Anke Butscher, Isabel Glaser, David Hervas, and Tobias Daur led the discussion, sharing their experiences and success stories from different municipalities implementing ECOnGOOD principles. Another notable session was led by Gabriela Bayer, one of the Mayors of Postbauer-Heng. She shared how her small town in Germany uses ECG for their sustainability reporting, providing practical insights that many attendees found extremely valuable. Meanwhile, the story shares from the Municipalities Hub offered fresh perspectives on ECG’s application in different contexts.

Day 2 of the conference focused on sustainability reporting for companies and organizations. An exceptional session was led by Waltern Kern on EU’s sustainability reporting. The day was enriched by the valuable contributions of representatives from private companies, civil society organizations, and city-owned enterprises. These representatives, including those from the mobile phone provider WEtell, the professional football club FC St Pauli, and Greenpeace Luxembourg, shared their experiences and insights on implementing the ECG models and tools in their respective organizations. A notable panel discussion featured Raymond Aendekerk, Dr. Oliver Viest, Gualberto Trelles, Marta Avesani, and Ruth Mulandi, who discussed the challenges that we face as a movement and organization and the current social, political, and economic outlook.

Day 3 was dedicated to networking, with volunteers from different Local Chapters and Associations from all over the world offering unique stories and fresh perspectives on applying ECG in various contexts.

The conference also provided space for networking and interactive discussions, with breakout sessions organized by language. These sessions, available in English, German, and Spanish, fostered meaningful connections and in-depth discussions among participants.

A significant achievement of the conference was the real-time interpretation into Spanish and German, making the event accessible to a broad range of participants. This capability highlights the inclusiveness and global reach of ECOnGOOD. Overall, the conference left participants inspired, informed, and eager to drive the ECG forward in their respective communities.

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