Joint opinion piece from the international Economy for the Common Good movement on a future-fit economic model

The international Economy for the Common Good (ECG) movement issues a joint statement with concrete recommendations for economic policy during and after the corona crisis. The ECG movement sees an economy oriented to the Common Good as the only way to leave a healthy and viable planet to future generations. The opinion paper, which has been signed by representatives of 17 countries is available in five languages for free publication.

In its statement, the international Economy for the Common Good movement sets out a series of measures which would put people’s needs and democratic values first: From a Common Good Product, which could sit above GDP, to investments in sustainable food production and health; from “Ethical World Trade” to a financial transaction tax to Common Good Balance Sheets for companies. It sees the current Covid-19 crisis as the opportunity to master the transition from the prevailing economic model – which contributes to climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality – to a better future.

The authors and signatories of the paper are members and representatives of ECG in 17 countries. They’ve written and translated their joint proposal in five languages. The paper can be published in full or partially.

Links to the papers

  • Towards a post Covid economy for the Common Good | English
  • Hacia una economía post-Covid para el bien común | Spanish
  • Für eine gemeinwohl-orientierte Post-Corona-Ökonomie | German
  • Verso un’economia post-Covid per il bene comune | Italian
  • Efter Covid – I riktning mot en ekonomi för det allmänna bästa | Swedish