The Roadmap to Planetary Health by the Planetary Health Alliance is a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps needed to improve the health of our planet. It includes diverse case studies and strategies that have been applied successfully around the world to combat environmental issues.

One of the notable references in the roadmap, found on page 57, is the Economy for the Common Good (ECG). Specifically, it highlights the case of Vaude, an outdoor equipment manufacturer, recognized for its holistic approach to business sustainability. Vaude’s CEO, Antje von Dewitz, is quoted saying, “I see the Common Good Balance Sheet as a blueprint for how companies can be evaluated, not just on financial aspects, but also environmental, ethical, social, democratic aspects and as a blueprint for legislation that can be a basis for a level playing field, bringing sustainable business out of the niche and to the market.”. The Common Good Balance Sheet (CGBS) allows companies to evaluate their entire operations and business models. It provides a holistic view of all measures undertaken and helps measure progress as well as set goals in a continuous improvement process.

The Roadmap to Planetary Health serves as a comprehensive guide aimed at ensuring the health and wellbeing of our planet. It shines a light on the path we need to tread to towards a sustainable future for all life on Earth. Rather than a document, it is a call to action, and an invitation to play our parts in safeguarding the planet. To delve deeper into these stories, and start exploring the path, visit the official website.