B.A.U.M. eV released a commemorative publication to honor its founder and chairman, Maximilian Gege. A new book on the concept of sustainable management in Germany, called “From operational environmental protection to the great transformation”.

The book honors the work of this pioneer, with over 30 authors addressing the questions of “What we wanted”, “What we have” and “What we will have” when talking about sustainable management in Germany. One of these authors is Economy for the Common Good (ECG) Founder Christian Felber, who explains the real and urgent need to transcend the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and complement this tool with worthwhile data through the application of alternative tools such as the Common Good Product (CGP).

The CGP is an innovative measure that can be used by policymakers and societies to overcome the limitations of the GDP: measuring nothing but the production and sales of goods and services at markets. It is not designed to support human and planetary thriving, as it fails to inform decision-makers how sustainable our economies really are. Instead of endless growth on a limited planet, CGP aims at increasing the wellbeing of people and nature. It shifts the focus of success measurement from the means to the goals.

Since its foundation in 1984, B.A.U.M. has been active in the field of sustainable management and constituted itself as a driving force for sustainable development in Europe. It supports its members in the establishment and development of sustainability strategies and connects actors from business, politics, science, the media and other associations. As the founder and chairman of B.A.U.M., Maximilian Gege has developed a network of established sustainability-conscious companies and organizations, the largest of its kind to be found in Europe.

More about the book in German

Image credits: @obviouslyarthur / pexels