The Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) Summer University is an engaging, academically diverse event focused on sustainability, economy, and society. It’s an exceptional fit for students and professionals across all disciplines, aiming for a sustainable and fairer future. This program, offered in English, is an answer to the current economic system that often results in the depletion of natural resources, social inequality, and climate change.

The 2024 edition of the AEMS Summer University will take place in Vienna, from July 15th to August 2nd, 2024. Known for its cultural richness, historic architecture, and hosting numerous international organizations, the city offers participants a unique experience beyond the comprehensive program. The curriculum has a preparation phase and a lecture phase, split into four modules, covering diverse topics like the socio-economic landscape, the role of money and institutions, and possibilities for reforming the economic and financial systems. Students will also engage in team projects, providing participants with a chance to develop a project for systemic change, engaging in intercultural exchange, providing networking opportunities and fostering fresh viewpoints.

The AEMS Summer University is a collaborative effort of the OeAD student housing, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), and the ECOnGOOD movement (formerly Economy for the Common Good). In March 2024, a rebranding process officially begun, preserving the “Economy for the Common Good” as the name of the backbone model and theory behind our movement. The ECOnGOOD movement aspires to build an economic system that prioritizes social and ecological well-being. The AEMS program resonates with these principles by focusing on sustainable and just economic alternatives.

To learn more and register, visit the AEMS website. Registration and scholarship deadline is open until May 5. Don’t miss this chance to learn, connect with professionals and actively participate in stimulating discussions and workshops. There is no alternative for alternatives!