Guarromán will present the results of the first Common Good Index project developed in Spain.

The municipality of Guarromán once again becomes a pioneer within the Economy of the Common Good model, with the presentation of the first Common Good Index in Spain and among the firsts in Europe.

Next Friday, March 1st, at 10.30 a.m. CET, in the Casa de la Cultura of the town of Jaén, the results of a pioneering experience in Spain will be presented, led by the Jaén-based consulting firm Cooperacción, in which volunteers from the Andalusian Association of the Economy of the Common Good, as well as the citizens of Guarromán, have participated.

This ceremony will be chaired by the mayor of Guarromán, Alberto Rubio Mostacero, and will be attended by the president of the Spanish Federation of the Economy of the Common Good, Francisco Álvarez Molina (also former vice-president of the Paris Stock Exchange, former president of the Valencia Stock Exchange and renowned economic disseminator), the professor of Economics at the University of Seville Rosario Gómez-Álvarez Díaz, and the political scientists David Hervás Sanz and José Jiménez Almeida, authors of the report.

The originality of this new index lies in the fact that it measures up to 20 objectives identified by the citizens themselves as “favoring their well-being”. To determine these objectives, meetings were held with groups in the municipality, workshops and neighborhood assemblies. This Common Good Index is the result of the analysis of 50 indicators that include objective data, figures from official statistical sources, and subjective data, opinions expressed by the population through a survey.

The program of the event will be as follows:

  • 10:30 am. Reception and attention to the media.
  • 11:00 a.m. Greeting.
  • D. Alberto Rubio Mostacero. Mayor of Guarromán.
  • 11:15 hs. The Economy of the Common Good as an alternative economic model.
  • D. Francisco Álvarez Molina, President of the Fed. Spanish Federation of the Economy of the Common Good.
  • 11:45 hs. Alternatives to GDP to measure the development and progress of a territory.
  • Ms. Rosario Gómez-Álvarez Díaz, Professor of Economics at the University of Seville.
  • 12:30 hs. Proposal of Common Good Index for Guarromán.
  • D. David Hervás and Mr. José Jiménez. Consultants in charge of the project.

Registrations to attend both in person and online can be formalized through the form in this link.

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