The economy as it operates today has too many undesirable effects on people and the planet. Hundreds of companies and various governments worldwide, therefore, look towards the new economic model Economy for the Common Good (ECG). Democracy is an essential part of that. In an article in the Belgian DeWereldMorgen, Christian Felber, the initiator, explains how the model works and why a Common Good Product (CGP), designed by sovereign citizens, is more adequate than Gross Domestic Product (GDP), when it comes to supporting human and planetary thriving.

Our proposal is now for citizens to put together the Common Good Product themselves. They get to decide what standards we include in it, not just technocrats or experts. People should be able to vote for what they find important. They set a number of goals in our system and the 20 most supported goals become the elements of the GGP. Then policies should strive for an improvement of these goals, not growth of the GNP.”

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