The municipality of El Bruc, located in the Anoia region, Catalunya, has recently joined the municipalities that look to develop their government program under the universal values promoted by the Economy of the Common Good (ECG): human dignity, solidarity, social justice, respect for the environment, transparency and democracy.

Bárbara Ortuño, mayor of El Bruc, was inspired by the presentation of the Common Good Balance Sheet (CGBS) by the municipality of Santa Coloma de Queralt in November 2021. She was able to appreciate the progress achieved by the town and took matters into their own hands by collaborating with the Catalan ECG Association (ACFEBC) to become the second municipality in Catalunya to implement the ECG tools and values.

During the first semester of 2022, as part of a course for municipal facilitators promoted by the Valencian ECG Association, a team led by a member of the Terrassa ECG Association, analyzed the activities and performance of El Bruc’s during the 2021 financial year, in order to obtain their Common Good Balance Sheet. The results of this exercise were presented to the mayor’s office in July 2022: a comprehensive report that reflects how the municipality is managed under ECG parameters, as well as a work plan with possible improvements.

This is the first step in a learning process, both for the government team and its citizens, to evolve towards the Common Good. El Bruc municipality set the priority and now has the instruments to guarantee the well-being and the value of solidarity between its population and the environment.

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