Municipalities, environmental regeneration and Common Good

One year after the signing and implementation of the first agreement between the Economy for the Common Good Local Chapter in Uruguay, 2 ECG companies and the Municipality Municipio D in Montevideo, an evaluation of the social and environmental impact was made. The results report was presented to the pertinent authorities, attesting to the progress and the synergy achieved with the inhabitants of 23 de Diciembre, moving towards an improvement in their quality of life.

The desired results of the first agreement between 2 ECG companies and a Municipality in Latin America, was to nurture and positively impact the ecosystemic regeneration, through the natural treatment of soil and contaminated waters. The most recent laboratory analysis showed significant improvement in the quality of these elements, which translates into a better life and more dignity for the people in the disadvantaged nearby community.

The partners in charge of project implementation were two ECG companies: Entrebichitos Cooperative and Ecotech Laboratory. They applied biotechnology, specifically Efficient Native Microorganisms (ENM) as an alternative to the treatment of domestic wastewater, in order to restore the microbiological balance of the ecosystems where polluted waters are discharged.

Ecothech Laboratory happens to be the first ECG audited Company in Latin America. The auditing process was completed by a qualified group of professionals from the National Association of the Economy for the Common Good in Spain.

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