Transforming lives and building the future through the Ecogood Business Canvas

Infinitea is fine tea shop in Colombia, but also a story of success and transformation. For the past 18 years, founders Ericka and Jenny Henao Jaramillo have explored connection and awareness through tea, an ancestral product with countless proven health benefits. They’ve made a path towards impact entrepreneurship, finally arriving to a turning point through the Ecogood Business Canvas.

This tool -developed by the Economy for the Common Good (ECG)- combines the ECG model and values with the advantages of the well-known business model canvas. Companies and organisations can transform their purpose and contribution to socio-ecological change in their business model, or anchor it right from the beginning.

The discovery the Ecogood Business Canvas gave them the opportunity to redesign their path of evolution and learning, creating a triple impact business model they call “Infinite Conciousness – Handmade”. This model aligns with their values and vision as people and as business owners, allowing them to integrate their purpose with higher goals such as the wellbeing of all living beings and the planet.

An ECG consultant from the Bogotá-Sabana Local Chapter in Colombia accompanied them for nine intense work sessions, where they applied thinking design strategies, active listening, finance practices and co-creation of solid and inspiring relationships with their stakeholders. In their own words, “this powerful tool allowed us, for the first time, to focus our energies and resources into building a new world, friendlier towards all life forms, through daily moments of high vibration.”

On Earth Day, April 22, 2023 Infinitea became the first company in Latinamerica to apply the Ecogood Business Canvas. This journey demonstrates the transformative power of following one’s heart and finding purpose, inspiring everyone to find connection to a true passion, taking action and creating a positive impact in their local communities and the world.

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