The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) has joined forces with 36 other organisations representing civil society and trade unions to co-sign an appeal to the Commissioner for financial services, financial stability and Capital Markets Union of the European Commission, to stay committed to the development and adoption of an ambitious and urgent framework to improve and standardise corporate disclosure on sustainability matters in the EU. This letters addressed to the decision-makers aims to dispel doubts and critiques that go against the mandate provided by co-legislators in the CSRD (Articles 19a and 29b).

  1. Sustainability risks and impacts are connected:
  2. A transparent process: groundless criticism of the draft proposal process:
  3. Feasibility and increased competitiveness: the business case for EU standards
  4. The bigger picture: comprehensive and high quality corporate standards applied by 2024/2025

We appeal to the European Commission to uphold the legal mandate agreed in the CSRD and not give into political pressure and narrow business interests that aim to hinder EU progress in the finalisation of much-awaited EU standards.The undersigned signatories oppose the prioritisation of certain sustainability matters over others, warn against an arbitrary reduction of disclosure requirements, and support international alignment but not at the cost of lowering EU’s sustainability ambitions.

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