Christian Felber, Oliver Viest, Jörg-Arolf Wittig, Roland Wiedemeyer, Noriaki Ikeda and core team members of the budding Japanese ECG Local Chapter.

In January 2023, Japan welcomed the first Japanese edition of “Economy for the Common Good” written by the movement’s co-founder Christian Felber and introduced in his home country by Noriaki Ikeda, who has served as an interdisciplinary and intercultural bridge between Germany and Japan for the past 20 years. Defined by a holistic approach and practical examples, the book’s successful reception spread the seeds of this transformative movement. These quickly found fertile ground in various regions of Japan, from north to south and across different climate zones, growing into a vibrant community of over 50 people that plan to found the first ECG National Association in the country in 2024.

To deepen their understanding and foster collaboration, core team members from Japan embarked on a journey to Germany. Led by Ikeda, this diverse group of three women and three men with varied skills immersed themselves in the heart of the ECG movement. They met with activists and companies, gaining invaluable insights and experiences firsthand.

The ultimate goal of the ECG transcends cultural differences, as it is rooted in universal values of human coexistence. Ikeda and the growing ECG community in Japan strongly believe that the ECG provides an alternative model for Japan to prosper. Already, there are promising signs of interest from local companies that aspire to complete a Common Good Balance Sheet, prioritising value creation over pure monetary gains.

During their visit, the founders of the Japanese chapter of the Economy for the Common Good movement were warmly hosted by diverse ECG Local Chapters in Germany. This meeting served as a platform for mutual introductions and discussions on future collaboration. An encounter as heartwarming, inspiring, and filled with promise, setting the stage for a fruitful partnership between the ECG communities in Japan and Europe.