Earlier this year, Japan celebrated the launch of the first Japanese edition of the internationally acclaimed book “Economy for the Common Good” (ECG) written by the movement’s founder Christian Felber. The theory presented in this publication and successfully implemented by the growing movement over the past ten years, captured the interest of the public and was quickly followed up with an Active Book Dialogue to deepen their knowledge of these tools. The understanding and support of the ECG model has been growing in the country ever since.

During the first week of November, ECG and Arch Joint Vision representative Noriaki Ikeda participated in the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) Asia-Pacific Chapter Meeting 2023 on behalf of the movement.

The 2-day meeting was celebrated in Tokyo from October 31 to November 1, as a joint Japanese Practitioners for Banking on Values (JPBV) and Asia Pacific Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV APAC) event under the name: “Now and Future of the Value-Oriented Finance: Dialogue with Asia-Pacific Financial Leaders”.

During the topic session on the Economy for the Common Good, local movement representative Noriaki opened a dialogue about the affinity between ECG and the GABV/JPBV, and their joint potential. He introduced the movement as an alternative market economy concept based on values, as well as some of the practical tools developed by the ECG, such as the Common Good Balance Sheet. This instrument comprehensively quantifies the social and environmental impact and value of organisations, which cannot be expressed through a traditional monetary balance sheet.

JPBV will be conducting a practical model project for preparing the Common Good Balance Sheet together with several small and medium-sized enterprises, with the support of financial institutions that belong to the JPBV.

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