For the love of Life + Music

Tinderbox is one of Denmark’s largest music festivals focused on sustainability, diversity, traditions and local anchoring. Every year it presents a broad lineup of international and Danish artists. In collaboration with Odense Municipality, for the first time in 2022, they are opening a space for sustainable development.

FORUM is a two-day conference on Tinderbox, featuring Danish and international speakers focused on climate, environment, sustainable development and future solutions in business and society. This initiative aims to update the city’s business community and citizens on how far Odense Municipality is with the climate action plan, which will set the framework for how the city becomes carbon neutral by 2030.

Among the other inspiring special guests, the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) founder Christian Felber will be participating with a talk on sustainable economy and business on Thursday 23 June: ”How can the economy work for the good of society and the world?” On this day, Tinderbox FORUM is open to participants with a conference ticket, and on Friday 24 June, admission is free for all interested parties with or without a festival ticket.

For more information, visit the Tinderbox website.

Image credits: @tinderbox_official / Instagram