The petition proposal was recommended by a panel of experts. It advocates the introduction of the Common Good Product, measuring the well-being of the population, alongside the gross domestic product (GDP).

A gigantic event, 12062020, – with up to 90,0000 participants – was planned to take place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on June 12th. The idea was to have opened discussions about the most pressing issues, such as climate and biodiversity, democracy and social justice. A panel of experts was to join the event and give professional input. The goal was to present strong petitions to the German Bundestag.

A large crowdfunding had supplied the necessary financial means to organize an event of such dimensions.

And then came the corona pandemic! The event had to be cancelled and the organizer needed to reconsider the entire event.

Eventually 300 petition proposals were filed online and viewed by the panel of experts. During the last few weeks the community voting took place – and the ECG is one of the finalists!

The next steps will be taken in the fall. A total of 50,000 signatures will be required to reach the quorum of 50,000 votes to enter the German Bundestag. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you informed!