Despite the current situation the International ECG Consultants Training is taking place!

Months ago the training was planned to take place at the picturesque Canada Water Theatre and Library in London from April 23rd to the 26th. Due to the corona-crisis it was no longer an option to offer in-person training for participants from four countries.

The trainers Nils Wittke and Gerd Hofielen offer ECG Consultant training internationally – thus far always in person. This time they decided to offer an online course instead. The training forms the basis for becoming a certified ECG Consultant. The ten participants learn how to apply ECG thinking and practice in organizations.

The members of the course are from various European countries and as far away as Ghana. Gerd Hofielen comments, that “we would not have had the chance to include two participants from Ghana, if this training would have taken place in London. So online, creates new opportunities to spread the ECG globally.”

Also Nils Wittke points out the positive impact of the online course: “It offers the opportunity to test how it works with online-tools to reach countries which are further away and where people can’t afford to travel to Europe to participate in such a training. Thus we are connecting the world while simultaneously saving money and environmental impact because no one needs to travel around the world.”

One participant commented, “Offering the training online was genius, no need to travel away from home and still getting the benefit of connecting with people around the globe.” All the participants are excited to be part of the active ECG-community.

Trainers and participants alike hope to meet in person at some point in the future somewhere in the world!