Escuela de Comunidades del Bien Común – open for Spanish speakers!

The purpose of this initiative is to support and nurture the creation of human groups centered around a life, social or environmental development project, under the practical guidance of ECG models and tools in order to create their own Common Good Community. These ideas could be co-housings in new or readapted buildings, communities of neighbours rehabilitating their current spaces, groups reuniting for family savings, energy and environmental care.

Throughout 2024, the Valencian ECG National Association will celebrate a monthly meeting every third Wednesday of the month, from 20 to 21:15 CET. In these meetings, they will present different relevant themes. The gatherings will start on 17 January, 2024 with the topic: “Basis for creating your community”.

Interested people can register as members, so that they can be included in growing grassroots groups in the International Federation. To join, sign up here, you can also add your priorities through this form. The invitation is open to any and all Spanish-speaking like-minded individuals or groups, as well as ECG members.

An online launch was celebrated for this project in December 2023, available in YouTube.