700,000 euros of aid will be granted to sustainable companies in 2021.

The Minister of the Valencian Community of Sustainable Economy, Industry, Commerce and Labor, Rafael Climent, in a resolution issued on December 4, has approved the continuation of aid to non-profit organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and university research institutions in the amount of 700,000 euros.

With this resolution, the Valencian government continues the strategy, begun several years ago, to promote the Economy for the Common Good and other sustainable economic practices.

Three categories of businesses will be supported:

  1. Associations, foundations and other non-profit entities that promote the social economy and the Economy for the Common Good through training, support or promotion (325,000 euros).
  2. SMEs that produce a sustainability report, such as the Common Good Balance Sheet (315,000 euros).
  3. Research activities of academic institutes on the subject of the Economy for the Common Good and social economy (60,000 euros).

The government justifies with the new resolution that this promotion strategy for sustainable economy helps at the same time to overcome the challenges of the current Covid 19 crisis.