The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) has launched the “Ecogood Business Canvas”, a new tool for better company founding that combines the idea and values of the ECG with the advantages of the strategic management template Business Model Canvas. A team of five ECG consultants and speakers from Austria and Germany developed this tool as a result of working with start-up founders who wished to build their business on cooperation and align themselves with the right values in order to provide a good life for everyone.

Young companies were struggling to work with the existing Common Good Balance Sheet because they could not contribute experience as a basis. “We put the purpose of the company to be founded at the beginning. That is the starting point for social impact,” the ECG consultant Isabella Klien, coordinator of the development team describes her approach.

The Ecogood Business Canvas combines the visual representation on a large poster and a joint, iterative and creative development of the start-up strategy – with the values and the impact measurement of the ECG. It is of central importance to keep an eye on all stakeholders of an organisation: social environment, customers and other companies, employees, owners and financial partners as well as suppliers. Founding with the EBC
means working out how to maximise socio-ecological impact according to the four ECG value pillars – human dignity, solidarity and social justice, environmental sustainability as well as transparency and co-determination.

It also offers a manual that guides founders through simple questions during the entire creation of their canvas. The process can be carried out as an individual or in a team, self-organised or accompanied by ECG consultants.  It is also suitable for existing organisations that want to “re-found” and reposition themselves. Organisations that start with the Ecogood Business Canvas are also well prepared to review their positioning after the first few years by doing a Common Good Balance Sheet.

Learn more and download all documents for free here. If you would like to learn more about the project, the development team offer free information evenings in Austria and Germany.

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