An initiative called “Transforming our world, teaching in principles and values ​​of the Economy of the Common Good in Vocational Training” introduces students and teachers in the field of Administration and Finance to the Economy for the Common Good. The objective is to bring the core values of the Economy for the Common Good (transparency and democratic participation, environmental sustainability, human dignity, social justice and solidarity) to the business world, and demonstrate with practical and concrete guidelines that alternative ways of doing business exist. The training shows that economic value can be created while also generating positive environmental and social impact and thus strenghtening the common good.

María Amigo, Raquel Gómez Alonso and Pedro Olazabal have been chosen by the Novessendes Foundation to run the trainings. María Amigo comments: “The values ​​that ECG promotes are essential at any educational level, from kindergarten to universityHowever, in the vocational training it is even more important, since studies are very focused on business and entrepreneurship. Therefore, it seems fundamental to me that students know other ways of doing business, whether they decide to start a company or work on their own.”

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