The plenary sessions of our Delegate’s Assembly (DA) 2022 was celebrated on July, 1 and 2. The DA was established in 2012 as a democratic body composed of elected representatives of ECG Hubs and Local Chapters responsible for making movement-wide decisions on behalf of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG). The event is designed to enable a deeper understanding of issues of importance. It is a meeting space for ECG activists created to promote mutual understanding of motivation, exchange of interest and role information within the movement. The voting process is conducted by the delegates using the “systemic consensus” method.

During these 2 days, ECG activists successfully came together to network and discuss matters relevant to the movement. Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held in person, but 2022 marks the third consecutive year that the meeting has been hosted virtually.  In an effort to address the needs generated by the growing international presence of the movement and to make the main event more accessible to all members, real-time translation from English to German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese was available during all 3 sessions. This service allowed for a wider international audience, with active participants from 19 different countries. Breakout rooms for networking and Open Spaces about related topics were also available in different languages.

Now that we have successfully wrapped up the DA 2022, we plan to move forward and keep growing thanks to the invaluable participation and feedback from staff and volunteers. The Economy for the Common Good movement is only possible because of assistance through membership fees, donations and the amazing team of volunteers spread across the globe.

You too can get involved and help: