Estamos apoyando el lanzamiento del *Programa de Introducción a Nuevas Economías* Edición 2 – Online para todo Latinoamérica. ¡Empieza en febrero 2022! 

Christian Felber and Luciana Cornaglia from the International Federation of the ECG will give a presentation at the launch of the New Economies Programme (P.I.N.E.). This is a three-month online course on alternatives to the current economic model for participants from all over Latin America. The goal is to shed light on alternative economic models that consciously seek to explore new ways of inhabiting and co-creating economic systems that respect life in all its forms and support human wellbeing while respecting planetary boundaries. It is aimed at all those who want to understand movements and concepts such as the ECG.

The programme will award an official certificate from the prestigious National University of Cordoba (Argentina), and is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It will be held in Spanish, and focusses on perspectives from and for Latin American stakeholders. It will be a journey through ECG, B Corps, the Doughnut Economy, Circular Economy, Ethical Banking, Degrowth, Regenerative Economy, Local Economies, Ancestral Wisdom and Buen Vivir, among others.

The team of facilitators will also include international experts such as Joan Melé (Spain), Ronald Sistek (Chile), Celestina Ábalos (Argentina), Ramsés Gómez Molina (Mexico) and Giselle Della Mea (Uruguay) as well as Melisa Díaz Acuña and Victor Mochkofsky (the directors of the programme, from Argentina) and others.

In brief:

  • three months of online study
  • 13 interactive classes with experts and professors in New Economies
  • Participants from all over Latin America
  • Beginning on 15 February 2022
  • Certified by the FCE of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.
  • Registrations will open in November
  • Register to receive more information: