The Italian chapter for the Economy for the Common Good – or Economia del Bene Comune (EBC) – will kick off their new training course for Common Good consultants. The objective is to provide professionals with the tools and knowledge so they can support companies to generate a positive social and environmental impact, by drawing up a Common Good Balance Sheet and working towards its objectives. The 2021 edition is scheduled to start remotely on October 22nd.

“The consultant is not just someone who taps the money “- explains Lidia Di Vece, president of the Italian Association for the Economy of the Common Good -, “but a figure who tries to bring the culture of sustainability and innovation to the company “. His or her main objectives? Helping the company to become truly ethical and sustainable and assisting it in drafting the Common Good Balance Sheet.

The course will be structured into six modules. In the first, the concepts of sustainability, common good, and integral ecology will be presented as well as the ethical foundation of the Economy of the Common Good. The second module offers an overview of the main facilitation tools and methods that will be used and tested directly in the subsequent modules of the course. In the third, the contents of the Matrix and the Manual of the Common Good will be analyzed in detail and applied through practical exercises. The fourth module provides participants with knowledge related to the consultancy process and the matrix validation process: peer assessment and audit. The fifth focuses on rules and tools at the national and international level, such as non-financial reporting and its relation to the ECG tool. The course will conclude with a sixth practical module, which will consist of the preparation of the Common Good Balance Sheet of a sponsor company.

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