Within the context of the 2023 Beyond Growth conference at the European Parliament, The European Environmental Bureau, Think Tank Oikos and Green European Journal collaborated to release a joint publication about economic transition. In “Imagining Europe Beyond Growth”, academics, policymakers and civil society representatives came together to expand on the need -and the way- for Europe to transition to a system that values and nurtures what really matters.

This virtual magazine shines a light on the opportunity that the current geopolitical and geophysical crises present for Europe to embrace a postgrowth future, with a democratically planned and equitable downscaling of production and consumption. This shift is paramount to Europe’s global peace project and aims to replace the current focus on quantitative growth with a regenerative and distributive economy that meets the needs of all people within the means of a living planet. The transformation towards a postgrowth society calls for a different future-oriented narrative, based on biocapacity, fairness, wellbeing for all, and active democracy.

Economy for the Common Good (ECG) spokesman Christian Felber, was amongst the commissioned authors with his piece “Companies’ Contribution to a Postgrowth Economy”.

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