The II edition of the Introduction to New Economies Programme (PINE) ran from February through May 2022. They celebrated the completion of the programme with the launch of their ”Cosecha” magazine, meaning ‘’Harvest’’.

PINE is an educational journey through diverse perspectives on how to understand and practice economics, with the goal of asking questions and opening conversations, focused in the LATAM region but open internationally. It is organized by the prestigious National University of Córdoba in Argentina and endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

This year, over a hundred participants from 10 different countries virtually engaged in methodologies that promoted reflection, participation and collaboration. There were representatives from alternative economies, such as B Corps, the Doughnut Economy, Circular Economy, Ethical Banking, Degrowth, Regenerative Economy, Local Economies, Ancestral Wisdom and Buen Vivir, among others. The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) was represented by its founder Christian Felber and the President of the Argentinian Association Luciana Cornaglia.

The ‘’Cosecha’’ magazine emerges from a Latin American and holistic vision of common problems in world societies. This product aims to raise awareness of the scope of the new economies, their complex diversities and the magnitude of the impact that each one has. In critical times of information overload, it is essential to promote discussions leading to actions that improve quality of life and that are based on collaborative, plural and alternative knowledge to traditional guidelines.

We invite you to discover different paths through this unique read in Spanish. This edition showcases proposals and highlights through the voices of students and representatives that participated in PINE during 2022.

Read ‘’Cosecha’’ magazine in Spanish.