The Economy for the Common Good is launching the G20 Common Good Product campaign under the title “Rebalance our Economy” today, 25 October – and you can be part of it. Help us to promote a new way of thinking economics. Help us to let people discover an alternative way of measuring economic success. Help us to spread the idea of the Common Good Product – a new tool to make entire societies much more sustainable. It will be a truly global campaign, started from the movement itself, and driven by all members and supporters of the Economy for the Common Good. 

The idea of the campaign is to send an open letter to the G20 Heads of State and to spread the campaign visuals through social media. The core demand is to rebalance our economy by enabling the development and roll-out of a Common Good Product as an alternative to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

If you want to be part of it, follow three steps:

1. Sign the open letter to the G20 leaders

To boost the campaign we will send an open letter to the G20 calling on them to change our current way of measuring economic success. A list of public figures already supports the campaign with their picture and quote. You can sign the open letter here and forward it to friends, family and colleagues.

2. Share social media pics

We created a series of social media pictures for you to share in your networks. The templates exist in English, Spanish and German. Download them and spread the images on your personal accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn.  When you post the images, tag friends and colleagues and post the contents in groups or on brand pages.

Link to all downloads: EnglishGerman | More languages coming soon

3. Activate your network

Spread the campaign info through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or through WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or email so that others hear about it and amplify visibility and reach.

Now is the time to change our economic system. We are looking forward to set off an avalanche with you!

Visit the campaign website:

The campaign for the Common Good Product will continue even after the 2021 summit.  If you have any questions around your participation, please contact us (