Economy for the Common Good (ECG) Founder Christian Felber has been invited to participate in the Regenerative Leadership Retreat in Sekem and the Future Economy Solutions Summit in Cairo during the first week of November. He will be representing ECG’s work and initiatives on 3 pillars:

  1. The Common Good Product as a complementary tool to measure beyond the GDP.
  2. The relationship between ecologic and human rights and the individual consumption of biological resources.
  3. The position and proposals around International Sustainability Reporting Standards, facing the first draft of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

The Regenerative Leadership Retreat will take place in Sekem, a sustainable development community that offers a wide range of activities, from regenerative agriculture and international business to education and human development. The Future Economy Forum in Cairo, will occur at Sekem’s Heliopolis University of Sustainable Development & the Cairo Stock Exchange. Relevant economic and environmental issues will be approached from different perspectives, such as:

  • Future of Business & Economy
  • Future of Agriculture
  • Real ESG Investment and Finance
  • Future of Leadership and Education
  • Policy, Law and Technology

Finally, the Solutions Dialogues in Sharm el-Sheikh are a face-to-face platform that will host presentations and dialogues to advance solutions. In turn, this series of events advance the long-term Action Initiatives at the core of the Future Economy Forum’s & Sekem’s ongoing work. All these initiatives are being developed under the auspices of The Ministry of Environment of Egypt, host of COP 27.

Leading experts from the economic, sustainability and adjacent fields, join forces to devise and scale solutions for climate change and a new economic model that prioritises business development and success with a focus on nurturing and regenerating society and nature. The UN’s Paris Agreement is supported, among other actors, by business leaders, investors, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Save the dates:

  • 2-4 November: Regenerative Leadership Retreat, Sekem
  • 4-6 November: Future Economy Forum, Cairo
  • 8-17 November: Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, Sharm el-Sheikh

More information and registration

Image credits: @andreea-ch / pexels