The Economy for the Common Good is also increasingly active in the field of science and research. The German-speaking ECG research association takes part in research projects and develops tools to improve the Common Good Balance Sheet. For this purpose, the association operates a networking platform with more than 150 scientists. In June 2018, a scientific advisory board coordinated by Dr. Günter Koch was established, which organized the first three-day conference on the ECG at the University of Applied Science in Bremen, Germany.

Since June 2017, the University of Valencia, Spain holds the world’s first ECG Chair. In autumn 2018, the master’s program Applied Common Good Economics launched at the Saalfelden Study Centre in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Burgenland in Austria.

Currently (early 2020), three scientific studies on the ECG have been conducted by the University of Valencia, Universities of Flensburg and Kiel and the University of Bremen. They distinguish the ECG as a “social innovation”, attribute the impact of higher ethical and financial performance to the Common Good Balance Sheet and regard ECG as a suitable instrument for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals within businesses.