Educational institutions

People set out in life, think and act as individuals and connect with each other. Together, we reshape our economy and society. In our quest for a better life, we come to shape our own future. For this to happen, we need to equip the next generation.

Some schools and universities are already leading the way by starting their own

  • ECG course modules
  • ECG courses
  • ECG seminars
  • ECG chairs

These provide opportunities for young people to think about alternatives to the existing economic systems.

The individual steps for creating a Common Good Balance Sheet for educational institutions are the same as those for companies.  A report can be produced with or without consultation or as a part of a peer group. This report is then externally audited and published as a balance sheet. The documentation on creating the balance sheet is also the same as that detailed for companies. However, a separate set guidelines for universities and colleges has been developed to cover specific points: Leitfaden für Hochschulen (German).