1. Getting started

Quick test

Preparing a full Common Good Report takes time and requires space for reflection. Support from consultants, membership of an ECG association and the external audit all come with costs.

In order to make a decision to complete a Common Good Balance Sheet, a quick test was developed as an introduction. In just 30 minutes you will learn:

  • what is involved in drafting a Common Good Balance Sheet;
  • how your company is currently operating with regards to the ECG principles.

Remember: points are only awarded for activities that go beyond legal requirements.

Download the Quick Test (Matrix 5.0)

Events: Come and find out more

Learn more about the Economy for the Common Good. Get to know our movement:

Or visit an "introductory workshop", an "ECG company workshop" or similar events with ECG consultants, who will introduce you to the balance sheet creation process: Consultancy