Common Good Reports that have been externally audited or evaluated through peer evaluation are called Common Good Balance Sheets. Sometimes they are still being referred to as "ECG Report" or „Common Good Report“. 

An initial report is a report made as a first step and can only be published once. For more information about the various stages of the Common Good Balance Sheet, see Getting started.

Common Good Balance Sheet: External audit

Most examples currently available in German only. English language examples in bold.

Business name Industry

Organic wholesaler

BKK Pro Vita

Health insurance

Bürgerstiftung Pfalz und Naturhotel Keysermühle

Eco-hotel, social enterprise

Business School Lausanne (English)

Private business school

Camphill Special School (English)

Non-profit special education

Camphill Special School (English)

Publisher, speaker


College of higher education

Göttin des Glücks (English)

Clothing manufacturer and trade

Kirchner Konstruktionen GmbH

Construction company

Dr. Isabella Klien

Holistic management consulting, coach

Märkisches Landbrot


Ökofrost GmbH

Eco-friendly frozen foods

Christian Ruether

Trainer, coach, business consultant

Satis&fy AG

Events management service provider

Sparda Bank München



Herbs, teas and spices trading

taz - die Tageszeitung

Newspaper publishing

Vaude Sport GmbH & Co KG (English)

Outdoor supplier

Common Good Balance Sheet: Peer evaluation

Currently only examples in German available.

Business name Industry
BTE Berlin
Tourism consulting
Advertising agency
IT-consulting/project management
Not-for-profit employment initiative
Energy products, metal and wood
Advertising agency
Children's hospice
Human resources services
IT services
Zahnarztpraxis am Kreuzberg Dentist
Zimmerwerkstatt Furniture and textiles

Initial reports

Currently only examples in German.

Business name Industry
DerServicegärtner Horticulture, sole proprietor
Green-Webspace Webhosting
Lawoge Housing Society
Makava Drinks manufacturers
Premium-Cola Soft drinks collective
Schweisfurth-Stiftung Foundation
Uhl-Media Print shop