5. Common Good Balance Sheet


Market profile

After successful audit, you can integrate your balance sheet certificate into the Common Good Report. The completed document is your Common Good Report

For the period of validity of the certificate (2 years), you can identify yourself as an 'Audited ECG Company'. Completing an external audit also allows you to use the 'ECG label' on products.

150520_gwoe_logorelaunch_ml_B-06-06.jpgECG product labelling (in development)

Publicity and publication

Some companies use their Common Good Report as marketing materials using attractive designs and editorial and publish it in print form. Some companies hold press conferences to publicise their balance sheet. Together with other ECG companies, they present their contribution to the common good to the local media. It also makes sense for companies to present the results and to continue to discuss them with internal stakeholders.

In addition to your own communication activities, your report is published on our online platform in the Balance Sheet section. ECG companies appear on the Ecogoodmap as a company with a balance sheet (with 2 seeds) and can easily be found in the ECG community as a trading partner.  

ECG companies are pioneers of social change and are actively engaged in ethical trade. This creates a network of like-minded companies, working with a common purpose and sends a clear message: An ethical market economy which benefits the common good is possible!

We welcome any feedback or questions, which can be sent to unternehmen@ecogood.org or to koordination@ecogood.org.