3. Common Good Report

Benefits for companies

Writing a Common Good Report gives a company a values health-check. An organisation can see where it stands on its journey to becoming a common good company.

The Common Good Report works on three levels:

  • It gives a thorough picture of sustainability across company activities and the extent to which the company already contributes to the common good will become clear. In addition, you become aware of the potential for further developing your organisation.

  • The Common Good Report presents the values ​​and sustainable achievements of the organisation in a clear structure and shows how socially beneficial it is. By creating and publishing the report, you lay the foundations for trust and promote long-term cooperation with important groups of stakeholders.

  • Through the process of reporting, you strengthen your awareness as an entrepreneur of value-oriented goals and gain new ideas and input for the value-oriented design of new products and services.

Structure and contents

The Common Good Report gives a comprehensive picture of the contribution a company makes to the common good. This includes descriptions of the company's activities relating to 20 common good themes. These show how far the organisation has already developed. Each theme describes how the individual values ​​are lived against the respective stakeholder groups.

A Common Good Report consists of meaningful statements across all themes. There are no formal requirements, but the descriptions have to be verifiable. The Common Good Report can also be used to comply with the EU guidelines on non-financial reporting

Ways to create a Common Good Report

Create a Common Good Report independently, without ECG consultants

The Common Good Report can be created independently. Materials are available to support the report writing, such as the workbook, the report template, the balance calculator, report guidelines and in-depth online information.

The workbook contains all the necessary information to understand the themes and aspects of the Common Good Matrix, to allow you to make a self-assessment. The work book is deliberately designed to be concise. It is supplemented by more detailed information in a separate online document.

All the materials are available here.

Create a Common Good Report with the support of ECG consultants

The Common Good Report can be created with help from ECG consultants. ECG consultants make it easier to understand the themes and to make progress, including by adjusting the process of reporting according to the individual needs of the organisation, supported by examples and expert knowledge.

Individual solutions and a customised approach can be clarified during initial discussions. For information about consultants, please contact

Create a Common Good Report in a peer group / start a peer-evaluation

A peer group consists of four to six organisations and is supported by ECG consultants or auditors. The participants create their individual reports over a series of workshops, which take place within a period of about six months. This work forms the basis for a peer evaluation, which can replace the external audit.

Find companies for peer evaluations

Please get in touch with your local ECG chapter or contact a certified ECG consultant directly, in order to find companies to complete a peer evaluation with.

For further questions on peer evaluation, please email peer@ecogood.org.