2. Become a member

Advantages of membership

Voluntary work needs nourishing soil on which it can grow, an environment that offers room for movement and change an an umbrella for the collaboration of hundreds of people working on a common vision across national borders.

New projects and tools are developed with the support of membership fees and donations. This way, your membership is helping the whole Economy for the Common Good.

Stand out and get noticed for the right reasons

As an ECG company, you'll stand for an economy focused on the future. They support the transition to a future worth living by establishing an ethical economy. They demonstrate that they trust the power of civil society.

Get off to a quick start

Members can create an initial repory (template currently available in German only) in the first year of signing up and publish it. This initial stage of the Common Good Report is optional. The cost is much less than the creation of a balance sheet, and yet already more in-depth than a quick test.The initial report can only be created once, thereafter a full Common Good Report and Balance Sheets should be created.

Learn from your peers

Working in peer groups to create a balance sheet is an opportunity for quality discussions between companies on the key themes of sustainable development. You can find interested companies and customers easily on our ECOGOODMAP. Through events, the Economy for the Common Good promotes constructive dialogue between business, politics and society. 

Invest in the future

Membership opens the door to the Common Good Balance Sheet. Membership fees fund the running and the further development of the Economy for the Common Good.This contribution to the movement already covers part of the costs of the Common Good Balance Sheet, because a balance sheet can only be created, acknowledged and published in conjunction with membership of an ECG association.

Membership fees for companies and organisations

Membership fees are calculated according to the number of employees. Concessionary rates for membership fees are available. If you are interested, please contact your local or national ECG association.