Discover your potential. Choose a values-based approach to development. Let your actions speak for themselves, credible and transparent. ECG consultants and auditors are available to guide you through the process.

Producing the balance sheet is the beginning of an ongoing, value-driven development process.

Please feel free to share your experience with us:
Yourfeedback feeds into the continuous development and improvement of the Common Good Matrix.

Creating a Common Good Balance Sheet brings an ethical and sustainable economy closer. Creating a Common Good Balance Sheet puts you in a strong position for future success, along the entire value chain, and with the involvement of all stakeholders. The Common Good Balance Sheet is an holistic tool, which can be used to optimise your economic resilience.


Benefits in the company

The Common Good Matrix allows for a comprehensive, systematic examination of your activities in relation to all stakeholders. Experience shows: your relationship management will be significantly improved, co-operation with business partners will increase and employees will be more motivated.

The balance sheet will show which areas already make a contribution to the common good and where there are areas for development. Reflecting and exchanging ideas on ECG values across areas of the business promotes innovation and a values-based corporate strategy.


Benefits in the market place

Your offer becomes more attractive to customers and more differentiated from your competitors: Your contribution to the common good becomes visible and you become a pioneer of a multi-faceted transformation process:

  • by referencing the external evaluation with the Common Good Values
  • with an ECG label on products or services, similar to the barcode (not yet available).

Your sustainability management meets the highest requirements today. In the future we expect your contribution to the common good will be acknowledged with market incentives and legal benefits.


Benefits for society

Society's needs are also your needs.

Common Good Balance Sheets are available for everyone to see. Already you meet a so far unfulfilled promise of the market economy, of complete information disclosure. You take responsibility. You lay the foundations for constructive dialogue.

The contract between economy, society and politics is renegotiated and you are in accord with it. As an ECG company, you are part of the Economy for the Common Good movement, which is involved in a democratic process to create a future worth living. Find out here how you can get involved.