Our work

We are committed to implementing the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) in all areas of society. The aim is to further develop the model in a participatory, democratic and open-ended process in such a way that enables a good life for everyone - now and in the future, for people, animals and nature. At the heart of the ECG is the Common Good Balance Sheet.


The Economy for the Common Good is an economic model in which the good life for all is the ultimate goal. The core of the model is that companies which operate sustainably and socially have a market advantage. They publish a Common Good Balance Sheet, which more than 500 companies have already done.


The European Economic and Social Committee has already recognized the ECG as a viable alternative. Numerous municipalities and regional governments have passed resolutions. In the long term we want to anchor the Economy for the Common Good in legislation and constitutions.


We organize lectures, workshops, congresses and exhibitions and visit schools and universities. The ECG is the subject of scientific research and teaching and organizes scientific conferences.