Youth Hub

Youth Hub


„We want to shape a future worth living and we want to begin already today.“


    > Who we are 

A colourful group of young active people in the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) who come together from all corners of Germany and Europe. We are also very diverse concerning our interests. Some of us work, others still go to school, study, do apprenticeships or have other life projects running.

In our meetings and projects we pay special attention to having fun and motivating each other when we work together. Moreover, we often just spend time together and have relaxed weekends, completely free from things we have to do :-)

    > What we're doing

We bring young ideas into the ECG movement and are committed to ensuring that the movement is open and inviting for young people. We want everyone, both new interested people, and those, who are already working in the ECG, to feel welcome and to be able to identify with our movement. At the heart of our group are the regular meetings. During these we network, develop ideas, plan joint actions and have fun carrying them out. Getting to know each other and personal exchange is always a top priority during these meetings.

„Our vision is, that soon a lot of young ECGlers, in all parts of the movement, are visible and active!“

    > Our activities in a nutshell

  • Planning and performing actions for raising awareness about the ECG among young people
  • Networking with other initiatives that pursue goals similar to those of the ECG
  • Discussing the "young perspective" on specific issues within the movement

We keep our Europe-wide group connected through monthly video-conferences and therefore stay in touch between meetings. If you would like to join us directly, just click on our calendar on the right side.

And if you feel that you are interested, you are welcome to join us, no matter how you want to get involved. You are also very welcome to come and just take a look without obligations.
Our movement lives from every single person who participates. We are always happy about new faces and welcome everyone to our group!







Anne und Jens