ECG businesses and organisations

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Over 2000 organisations support the ECG model, around 400 are members or have already created a Common Good Balance Sheet, including Sparda Bank Munich, Schachinger Logistics, Sonnentor, VAUDE, Lebenshilfe Tirol and Burgenland College (Fachhochschule Burgenland).

You can find all the ECG member organisations below (1 seed).

They support ECG financially as sustaining members, are involved in the ECG community and set the course for a Common Good Reporting in their companies.

ECG organisations that already have a Common Good Balance Sheet are awarded two (peer evaluation) or three (external audit) seeds,  and are referred to as "pioneer companies".


Name City Country since Supporter Donator Member Is active Category Job Seeds Industrial Sector B2B B2C Number of employees Political party Political function Publication