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Blogpost by stephanie.ristig-bresser 12. July 2017, 17:25

"The value system in our society needs to change"

An interview with WBS TRAINING AG Chairman Heinrich Kronbichler and Executive Officer Eva Asmus, on the company's Common Good Balance Sheet.

WBS Training AG has just posted their first Common Good Balance Sheet. This has brought transparency to their ethical business focus, clarifying their stance on the environment as well as job quality and equal opportunities. We requested an interview w...

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Blogpost by stephanie.ristig-bresser 10. April 2017, 21:29

Economy for the Common Good in Spanish legislation for the promotion of businesses

Blog contribution by Christian Felber

On 1 February, the Regional Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Employment of the Valencia, Spain, n Community issued a decree (2/2017) for the promotion of social enterprise and the Economy for the Common Good.

The decree  ("orden"), published on 1 February 2017 in the official gazette ("Diari Oficial") of the Government ...

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