Study Reveals Effects of Common Good Balance Sheet

Freiburg, Flensburg, 28/11/2018

In a special edition of the Sustainability Management Forum on the theme of "Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting” an article has been published about "The Common Good Balance Sheet — an instrument to promote loyalty and acquisition of employees and customers in small and medium-sized enterprises?", written by researchers from Freiburg and Flensburg University.

This contribution analyses the Common Good Balance Sheet (CGBS) as an instrument of sustainability measurement and reporting for enterprises. The guiding questions are whether and to what extent the CGBS exerts an impact on acquisition and retention of employees and customers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

The results show a varying but generally positive influence on both groups. Regarding the effects on employees the importance of participation in organisational governance as well as an enhanced clarity about values was most significant. Building trust through transparency and creating visibility for the enterprise were most significant with regard to effects on customers. The results are supported by existing literature on CSR and point to aspects of higher importance for the underlying motivation to engage with the CGBS.
Overall it is considered as an interesting approach for further research.

For the full article follow the link.