Hotel that pioneers with Common Good Balance gets rewarded

Wien, 02/04/2019
UmweltpreisWien2.jpgFrom left to right: Andreas Tschulik (Federal Ministery); Georg Pastuszyn, Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn, Barbara Lorenz, Mario Galler (Das Capri) Photo: Christian Houdek/PID

At a gala at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Hotel Das Capri has been rewarded:

"The hotel, which is currently run by the second generation, has devoted itself to the topic of sustainable business practices, paying particular attention to the social aspects of dealing with employees and to responsibility for the social environment. This increases the comfort for the guests as well," says Andreas Tschulik, Head of Department for Operational Environmental Protection and Technology at the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

In 2018, the company was the first Viennese hotel to make up a Common Good Balance Sheet. The current score, which already exceeds the legal requirements by 40 percent, will be improved every year. A renewal is planned for 2021 which focuses on sustainability.

With the project OekoBusiness Wien, the City of Vienna annually awards prizes to Viennese companies that distinguish themselves through particularly innovative environmental projects. With this award, the City of Vienna honours operational projects and ideas to save energy, waste and resources.