German university launches Common Good Balance pilot

Münster, 19/05/2017
1492032475_5.jpg© FH Münster/ Vanessa Müller, Master's student at the Department of Oecotrophology and Facility Management at FH Münster, and Dr. Denis Krämer, together with others, have created common balance sheets in a pilot project.

Successful pilot in Münster, Northwest Germany: With the support of ECG consultant Gerd Lauermann, students from the Münster University of Applied Sciences have produced Common Good Balance Sheets for six companies from their region. In a project coordinated by Prof. Dr. Petra Teitscheid, the students created peer-evaluated reports for local small and medium-sized businesses including a bakery, a furniture manufacturer and a facility management group. An external auditor, who checked the students' balance sheets, said they were done very professionally. The companies received their certificates and scores at a meeting earlier this year. The meeting also marked the launch of a local Münster ECG chapter.

More about the project (German):