Foundation of the International Association

Hamburg, 29/09/2018

The Economy for the Common Good is growing and adopts its structures accordingly.

Nine delegates from as many ECG national associations (Chile, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the UK) signed the foundation of the International Association. 
Bridget Knapper (UK), Pedro Olazabal (Spain) and Manfred Jotter (Germany) were appointed as the management team.

In recent years, the Economy for the Common Good has grown substantially and takes steps to accomodate this growth in a professional way. There are already more than 30 local chaptes on three continents. In order to meet these requirements, the foundation of the International Association for the coordination of national associations was seen as necessary. The foundation was preceded by years of preparation and intensive discussions about the appropriate structures.
Right now the management team is organizing and setting up an action plan for the coming months, which will be discussed with the association's general assembly.
Transparent communication between movement and association is crucial for the successful operation of both bodies.