Thank You

ECG Income v2.pngECG Income Graph 2019

In an Economy for the Common Good, the goal is more important than the means.
However financial means are still needed to reach a goal!

After closing the financial year 2018, we like to share with you how funding of the movement is evolving.
All the financial figures are transparently accessible for all our members and hereby we openly share the evolutions with you.

Some key figures: 

  • The membership income increase for 2018 year-over-year amounts to 26%.
  • The share of private members alone grew by 40%.
  • 69% of financial income in 2018 came from donations.
  • Since 2016 the movement has been growing without support of public funds.

The growth is mainly driven by the enormous growth in Germany, though all countries were able to grow.

More members means more energy, more creativity, more support and anchoring in the regions.
And it means an increase in reliable financial strength - something we are dependent on for our work. 

Hereby we warmly welcome all the new members and especially want to express our gratitude for the generous donations!

summerweek2018.jpgECG Summer Week 2018 - Photo by Roland Wiedemeyer