Become an active contributor



Regional participation

Get involved in your local chapter

Everyone is welcome to get involved in their regional groups (local chapters or 'energy fields'). There is much to be done, be this raising awareness, building public relations or making contact with organisations and municipalities in your region. Simply contact your nearest local chapter:

Set up a local chapter

There is no group in your area? Get together with like-minded people, and set up a local chapter:

International participation

Join one of our international hubs

Hubs are networks of people who provide a wide variety of skills, have similar interests, and collaborate on important projects within the ECG. For example, you can contribute to the design of the Common Good Matrix, become an ECG advisor, auditor or consultant, or join a subject-specific network.

Work in our organisation

Behind our large international organisation, there is a structure supported by many volunteers and a few salaried employees.
The following salaried positions are currently vacant: none